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Great Dog Park Products

Handi-drink Pet food and water bowl for travel joint max hip and joint supplement for dogs Handi Drink portable dog water bottle
Port -a- bowl A dog bowl when you're on the go. Keep your dog active with Joint MAX. Handi Drink - portable pet water.
entirelypets pet supplies
Bettie, designer fetch toy Doggie waste dispensers Poop Freeze makes picking up after your pet easy
Bettie Fetch Toy - hide treats in it, play fetch or tug-o'-war with it. Pet Waste Bag Dispenser - make it easy to keep bags handy.

POOP FREEZE - the name says it all. Pick up doggie doo the easy way.


dog park tips
  • Take off the leash – if the park is properly kept and your dog trained, it should be ok to let your dog run free.
  • Small Dog - some dog parks have an area for small dogs. It's easy for the little guys to get pushed around when they play in the big dog area and you'll find they are happiest playing with other small dogs.
  • Leave the toys at home - if you bring toys your dog might be preoccupied with guarding it or fighting with other dogs over it. Let the park be about socializing with other dogs and running free.
  • Walk yourself - don't just watch your dog exercise. Take this opportunity to take walk around the park and walk yourself.
  • Pick it up - the park might be for dogs but you still have to pick up the piles. Some parks provide poop bags and trash bins.
  • When in doubt, leave - your first concern should always be for your dog's safety. If you think the park is unsafe or other dogs might harm him, leave. It's better safe than sorry.
  • Be Vigilant - it's easy to talk with other owners and not pay attention to what your pup is up to. Remember it's your responsibility to keep your dog safe and keep him from harming others.
  • Keep it down - Raising your voice, even when giving commands, can frighten or excite dogs and encourage bad behavior.
  • Is your dog ok? Get your dog some pet supplies and discount pet meds, so he or she will thank you for it later.
  • Is your dog having fun? Stay as long as your dog is having fun. If your dog seems bored, exhausted or is behaving badly it's time to go.

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Otis and Claude Dog Toys

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